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Local SEO

For a local business, leveraging the internet for marketing & business development can be a confusing & expensive proposition with many options.  Do you invest in Paid advertising, social media, web design, seo or the next newest shiny technology?  Do you even know what these things are or how you can leverage them to bring in new business???  Don’t worry, most people don’t.  

Fortunately, we at XL Digital have the answer.  It’s simple, cost effective and it’s been proven to drive customers to the door of many local businesses today.  It’s the same tool you use when you are looking for something and it’s right on your desktop, phone or tablet & it’s called Google Maps.

XL Digital Automates & Optimizes The Google My Business Listing Service To Establish A Local Presence, Drive Your Ranking To The Top & Deliver Customers To Your Store!

Create Your Listing So Your Business Is Seen On Google Maps

Google My Business

Post Photos That Have The Optimized Tags & Keywords That Google Likes

Google My Business

Publish Events, Promotions & New Products/Services To Update The Community That Your Business Is Moving & Shaking

Google My Business

Local Search & SEO Marketing Is Best Investment For Best Local Business ROI

Local Search (Google My Business, Google Maps)

Local Search Traffic Generated
Channel ROI

Organic Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Organic Search Traffic Generated
Organic Search

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Traffic Generated
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Facebook Traffic Generated
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Twitter Traffic Generated
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GoogleMyBusiness Listing Development

We will get your business listed on Google Maps & over 50 other relevant business directories to ensure maximum exposure of your brand & monitor your listing to maintain consistent information everywhere.

The first step is to get your listing built, correctly so that you can show customers your business and be visible to customers that are searching google for your business. 

Business Listing Rank Optimization

We leverage the most innovative tools, techniques & updates targeting to get your business ranked on the first page of Google Maps ahead of your competitors for more views by interested local buyers.

Local Reputation Management

Our intelligent management solution monitors all reviews, automates responses & alerts you to ensure that you are capturing as many reviews as possible, responding in a timely manner & mitigating sales risk.

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